Code of Gains #1 – Consistency and Sustainability

Code of Gains #1 – Consistency and Sustainability

Rule 1 of the Code:

Be Consistent with a Sustainable plan

Without consistency the human race wouldn’t have survived a day.

If Mr Caveman got bored of going out to hunt and trying to mate and just thought “fuck it, I’ll have a day in with Rocks and Berries ice cream and watch some scribbles on the wall” Mr Caveman would eventually end up dead. Not great.

Fast forward a few thousand years to the Ancient Egyptian period – without consistency there would be no pyramids for us to admire today.

Fast forward again to the Medieval Period – without consistency there would be no castles, no kingdoms, no empires, no history, nothing.
castle construction


Of course, most if not all of the above points involved forced labour or a fundamental need, but they still required consistency.

Everything we do as habitual creates is grounded in being consistent with something that produces results. Unfortunately, building muscle, burning fat, learning a new skill, creating or removing a habit or pretty much anything else you can think of takes time – consistency is always the key.

But consistency is only half of the whole, we also need sustainability.

If sustainability is the engine, consistency is the fuel we put in to drive success.

Consistency = Stick to your current calories, macros and training as long as they’re producing results. Stalling? Make changes. If it’s not broken though, don’t fuck with it.

Sustainability = Put in the time and effort to create a plan which is sustainable for you. A plan that is tailored to your stats, needs, goals and life.

If it’s not sustainable, being consistent will become a lot more difficult, if not impossible. You see, sustainability is a fundamental piece of your plan, whereas consistency is what you do on a daily and weekly basis. Initially, you’ll have to be consciously consistent and work that little bit harder. But over time, your consistency will become more of a subconscious process; it will become part of your very being. This can only happen if your plan is sustainable. If it’s not, you will not become consistent.

It’s also worth noting that consistency can still wean even with the most sustainable plan. According to science, it takes around 30 days to create a new habit. That first 30 days of a new plan will require conscious consistency, as I said. To assist with this you can seek out motivational videos, pictures and articles that drive you to keep going until things become habitual.

Sustainability = Consistency

So one produces the other, but how do we conjure up sustainability? Without Merlin at our side, it takes a bit of effort.

Find the right calorie and macro levels required for you goal using an online calculator, such as ours (coming soon) and create a simple daily meal plan to hit those numbers. It doesn’t have to be complex, something as simple as 1-3 meals per day will work. We will look at this in more depth in a future rule of the Code of Gains.

You’ll also need a plan of attack for your workouts, will you be attending a gym or working out at home? How many hours/days per week can you commit to working out? How will your workout be structured? How frequently will you hit each body part? Again we will cover this in a future rule of the Code.

Make sure your plan is realistic, don’t try to squeeze 4 or 5 workouts a week in if you simply do not have the time. Don’t plan to eat 7 times per day if you prefer 1, 2 or 3 meals instead. Make sure your plan is sustainable for you.

Make sure you know exactly what you are doing and why every day to achieve your goals, then simply allow it to become habit and enjoy the journey.

So rule 1 of the Code of Gains is simply create a sustainable plan and consistently follow it. Pretty straight-forward and a little boring but very important. In other words, become and remain disciplined. The forthcoming rules will guide you in creating your own sustainable plan and future motivational posts will assist in boosting your consistency.

Do you have any questions or anything to add regarding consistency and sustainability? Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page!

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