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Welcome to Medieval Muscle!

You might be thinking, medieval? Isn’t that the name of the period hundreds of years ago where the outdated feudal system was prevalent throughout the European Kingdoms and life was hell? Yes, sort of.

What exactly can we learn from that period about muscle building and fat loss?

Medieval life was simple.

There were no 6 meals a day, P90X, protein shakes, gyms or steroids, only hard work, beer, ale, bread and chicken.

You had your role in society and you had to work for your food and keep.

Those charged with fighting for their liege Lord had to be able to handle a sword and shield, lance, mace, bow etc.

They had to be strong and they had to be fit otherwise, they’d be useless and end up getting slaughtered on the battlefield or fleeing.

When not working fields, training to fight or mending armour, people would be in the tavern or local Inn drinking Ale and making the most of life. Everything was physical and food was whole and scarce for most.

You might be thinking, how does this apply to muscle building and fat loss in the modern era? The answer: simplicity.

My philosophies are based around simplicity.

Do the minimal amount of work necessary to become lean and muscular; keep things effective and maximise the amount of time you have to enjoy modern life; go out and reap the benefits of your gains and enjoy some Ale! Be strong enough to lift and play with your kids.

Not to mention, Knights are just awesome! They valued honour, respect and courage. What woman isn’t secretly or openly looking for their very own Knight in Shining Armour or Prince to sweep them off their feet?

Garner respect from your peers by building a strong and impressive looking physique; become battle ready and wage war on body fat and weakness. Have the courage to be consistent with your diet and progressively improve your workouts. Don’t become another douchebag bro; be an hourable respectful gym-goer who others look up to.

I wanted to take a different approach to propagating information relating to fitness goals because it seems to me that most fitness websites are bland, boring, modern and lack any sort of theme. I wanted to bring something unique to the table and invoke imagination. Of course, you won’t really be training to fight on a medieval battleground or forge weapons and armour (or maybe you are?) but in my humble opinion, aiming to be as strong, ripped, muscular and honorable as our ancestors were is a motivating goal.

(Let’s just forget that most Lords and Royals would probably have been fat and lazy, lots of food and no need to lift a finger. They were mostly in perma-bulk mode!)

On this website you will find honest, no nonsense advice on muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, workouts and more. Everything I preach I currently do or have done and is backed by modern scientific research – not based in myth and legend.

Your gym is your realm; your enemy is body fat and your ally is muscle and strength.

The war has begun; how will your history books read?

I hope you enjoy my writing style and can find some use from my site!

Farewell friend and happy travels

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