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Medieval Muscle Battle Ready cover

Medieval Muscle: Build a Battle Ready Body

Release date: TBC

A definitive guide to acquiring gains fit for a King the all natural way. Everything you need to know and do to build a battle Ready Body and get into the best shape of your life and – maintain it!

You’ll first have to attain a Squire’s body standards prior to embarking on the main journey to Knighthood and beyond but, don’t worry, the book will also guide you from Peasant (beginner lifter/weak lifts) to Squire (starting point, lean, decently strong and ready to gain muscle optimally.)

The book won’t be a 400 page mega in-your-face with tiny details, but it will be scientifically sound and straight to the point. You’ll be able to get started the same day you pick it up.

I guarantee you you’ll be surprised at the methods and effort required – it’s much less than you’ve been led to believe. With as little as 2-3 days in the gym and a flexible set of nutrition rules, you can enjoyable achieve that body you desire, however old (or young!) you may be.

It will be fairly priced allowing enough per copy to let me keep the site up and running and updated; I’m not just fishing for your money, I genuinely want to share the easiest and most enjoyable way to get to your goals. I was stuck as a skinny-fat guy trying every diet and workout under the sun for years, until everything clicked and I found what works. (Cliché story, huh? But it’s true.)

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